BigJigs Rail Bell Tower

BigJigs Rail Bell Tower

  • €1439

    BigJigs Rail Bell Tower is great for young rail masters to alert all trains of activity on the track.
  • Using magnets hidden within its wall, the bell rings every time a train passes by.
  • Placed at a busy section of the network, it sounds an alert to all those in the local vicinity.
  • Adds a new dimension to role play sessions and reinforces a safety message.
  • Made from quality responsibly sourced materials, Bigjigs Toys conform to current EU safety standards
  • 3 play pieces. Also compatible with other leading wooden rail systems. Here's something unusual that will be sure to attract a youngster's attention! This wooden Bell Tower uses magnets hidden within the walls to enable the bell to ring when a train passes. Likely to be situated at a busy part of the network, it provides a warning to all those in the local vicinity! Consists of 3 play pieces. Most other major wooden railway brands are compatible with Bigjigs Rail. Width: 140mm. The Bigjigs Rail range is one of the most complete wooden railway systems available. A comprehensive range of wooden railway products (including train track, train sets, trains, train tables and more) make Bigjigs Rail the perfect choice when starting or extending a wooden railway network.