Coloured Sand Pictures - Birds of Paradise - Djeco DJ08639

Coloured Sand Pictures - Birds of Paradise - Djeco DJ08639

  • €1599

This is a very simple concept, a bit like paint-by-numbers, but using beautiful coloured sands instead of paint. The end result is absolutely stunning. Each of the 4 cards in this set have sticky areas that you reveal by removing their covers with the provided tool. You then sprinkle the first coloured sand on the sticky areas and he sand sticks to the card. You then proceed with the following colour, etc.

Just like working with glitters, working with coloured sands can sound like a bit of a nightmare because of the mess that usually results, but here the box doubles as a worktop and once you are finished with one colour, simply tip the box over and pour the excess sand back in to its container thanks to the clever hole made in one of the box's corners! No mess, no waste.

This box contains:

  • 4 cards measuring 15 x 21cm
  • 12 coloured sands
  • A plastic tool for removing the paper covers from the sticky areas
  • A step-by-step guide

Dimensions (boxed): 16.5 x 23 x 4 cm

Recommended for children between 6 and 11 years old

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