Hockey Junior

  • €2399

The hockey junior is a light soft hockey stick designed especially for very young children.

The concept behind the hockey junior is to provide a stick that is fully functional yet is soft, safe & light.

Inside the foam is a hard spine to give it shape. The spine is fully encased in foam keeping the small ones, their friends, siblings and the environment around them safe.

We have captured the unique characteristics of the hockey stick and adapted it so that it can be safely used by children as soon as they learn to grab.  

It has been designed to be played with and made to have fun.

  • It is extremely light.
  • The material used is a dense foam. It is closed cell which means it does not absorb water - is durable.
  • A special foam ball has been designed to be used with the hockey junior. This weight of this ball is fully in proportion to the weight of the hockey junior.

As part of the development of the initial concept behind the hockey junior we received input from over 500 coaches and parents. 

The hockey junior is also available to buy from all good toy and sports shops nationwide.

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