Le Toy Van | Lionheart Castle

Le Toy Van | Lionheart Castle

  • €10450

This is a top end castle featuring no less than 7 towers in total. The portcullis and drawbridge both wind up and down with the drawbridge covering the painted moat on the detailed baseboard. A lovely little feature of this castle is a knock out wall which has a removable section of "bricks".  With a well placed shot from a trebuchet or cannon, this wall section can be knocked out giving the attackers the breakthrough they were looking for!

This quality painted wooden castle from Le Toy Van also features 2 side towers and a prisoner tower with a cage. There is a working winch in one of the side towers and a flag hoisted in the other. This castle comes on a baseboard and has a functioning drawbridge for access.

Recommended for children aged 3 years and over.

Item Features

  • Prisoner tower
  • 2 side towers
  • Working winch
  • Flag and ladder
  • Opening drawbridge
  • Figures sold separately
  • Dimensions: D600mm  H425mm W680mm