Teeny Medley - Pink - Bead Bazaar 2043

Teeny Medley - Pink - Bead Bazaar 2043

  • €649

A beautiful collection of Bead Bazaar beads and accessories for making your very own jewellery - all supplied in an attractive handbag. 

Dimensions: 7.6 x 10.2 x 5.1cm

Safe from 3 years. Recommended from 5 years.

Bead Bazaar marries all things girly: beads, jewellery and arts and crafts. This American brand of do it yourself jewellery combines the heritage of wooden beads with an contemporary mix of vibrant colours and shapes. The range comes beautifully packaged in a variety of sizes and styles. Bead Bazaar's attention to detail creates inspiration for a girl's world.